Wallace Komocsar Eickhoff STLSTR Memorial

04-26-2005 to 12-07-2015

Wallace was known to everyone as the “sweetpea” and El Senor. He had a shy disposition when you first met him, but when he got to know you, his quiet insistence and steadfast carmel-colored gaze charmed its way right into your heart. He was a championship cuddler with his Daddy and Papa and knew how to give his beloved squeaky toys the Scottie Death-shake treatment. He loved and followed his compadre Danny everywhere and they often shared a pillow and spooned while sleeping. He always kept an eye on Danny to make sure he knew everything was okay and he was not missing out on things. He let Danny chase the backyard rabbits while supervising from the deck, offering assistance when things got hairy. We greatly miss our boyo, but know he is enjoying lots of plush toys in heaven and whispering in Danny’s ear advice on dealing with the new Scotties to come.