Sometimes life-changing events occur in our lives that we cannot control. Relocation, job changes, illness, and other issues may make keeping your Scottie, no matter how much you love him, impossible. If you have come to that place in your life, please don’t take your dog to a shelter! St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue is here to help you. Our foster homes and trained volunteers will make sure that your Scottie becomes a member of his foster family for as long as necessary to find the best home for him. He will receive any veterinary services he needs. Our applicants are carefully screened, pre-approved, and vet-referenced. We visit the potential adopter’s home before a Scottie is placed. The best possible placement for your Scottie is our primary objective. If you, or a family member, can no longer care for the needs of your Scottie, please call 314-448-0460, email, or complete the form below. A representative will contact you within 24-48 hours. 
Please remember, we are here to help you and your Scottie!

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