Sheppy STLSTR Memorial


Sheppy came to me as an owner release. He was loved and cherished by his human mom, but unfortunately was not adjusting well to life with a toddler. Sheppy was as beautiful on the inside, as he was on the outside. He said goodbye to his old life and strutted into his new life with amazing Scottish pride. He relished guarding his new temporary foster home from all forms of vermin and letter carriers much to my neighbor’s chagrin. Within a few months, he began vomiting and I knew something was wrong, but had no idea just how wrong. STLSTR spared no expense trying to figure out what was ailing this sweet laddie. I’ll never forget handing the leash to the Vet tech for her to take him to exploratory surgery and at the last minute I reached down and swept him into my arms and covered his nose and face with kisses and hugs. I am so grateful my angels inspired me to give my boy that special send off. He was released to the Rainbow Bridge during surgery when they found a tumor half the size of his stomach. Sheppy was with me for such a short time but he will be forever and ever be in my heart. Love you my sweet, sweet son….we will be together again.