Spring 2016

We got Schatzi, a rescue pup, about 5 years ago. We got her as a companion for our old girl, Maggie (also a rescue). From the start, she had a real personality and was a quick learner. I also looked forward to her running to greet me every day as I came home from work. She would love being around us and even took to strangers (a very unusual Scottie). She was our 4th Scotty and really a favorite. When she was 3, she started not eating and when we took her to the vets, we were heartbroken to find that she had chronic liver disease. Thanks to the good work of our vets, we got another two years but, at age 5, we lost her. Each of our Scotties had their own personality – but she truly was something special even though she was only with us for 5 years.