6/17/2000 – 4/14/2017

Sammie (formerly Eeyore) came to us at the advanced age of 15 & extra fluffy, ready to call our family hers. She melted our hearts from the minute we first saw this plus sized gal! We only had her in our lives for a short year and eight months but oh how she fit right in just as if she had always been a part of our family. She got to enjoy so many things Daily Walks, Travel, Camping, Canoeing, She loved life and it loved her back. I miss seeing her sitting in my garden staring into the pond enjoying watching the fish and frogs, sniffing the flowers and catching whiffs off the breeze. I am grateful that we got to be her forever family even though it was only for a short time it was a joyful time watching her enjoy her life. She was a Joy & a Blessing from the first day to the last! Our lives have been forever changed … for the better!