Sadie STLSTR Memorial


Sadie left us just before Thanksgiving at the grand old age of near 15. She said it was time. Pat and I loved the little Scottie/schnauzer mix the moment STLSTR’s Amy Cada brought her to meet us. She was ten at the time and dealing with Cushing’s disease but astoundingly poised and open to making life with us easy. She wouldn’t think of making a mess but liked having her own chair (formerly Barbara’s). She scurried to it when visitors arrived so as to establish first claim. Sadie enjoyed her morning walks with Pat, her treats, and especially time at night sitting quietly in the front yard with Pat–gazing at the stars and watching cars go by! She enjoyed time with her Victorian Bulldog cousins, Boomer and Buster, when they visited but early on had put them in their place in her hierarchy. Her spirit is still here with us and I still see her little shadow around every corner in the house. Thank you Scottie Rescue.