7/11/2002 – 4/17/2017 

Pepper was a beautiful silver brindle girl who joined our family via STLSTR when she was 7 yrs. old. She bonded quickly with our nine year old Scottie boy, Duffy, although each had been an “only child” up to that time. She grieved terribly when she lost her sidekick, Duffy, to bone cancer two years later. Recovery for her came in the form of Beamer adopted one week later, also from STLSTR.
Pepper enjoyed attending Scottie functions being with other Scotties and with people. She was known for her “Scottitude” at the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Fun Matches because sometimes she would willingly walk in the parade and at other times there was no way she was going to participate.
My first Scottie to “Arooo”, Pepper welcomed visitors that way. Basically, she was a quiet girl unless she saw a squirrel or bunny rabbit and then she was off on a chase. I was amazed at how fast she could run with her little short legs but the squirrels and bunnies always away.
Not a snuggler, Pepper enjoyed sitting on her Dad’s lap where she could look out the bay window. After he passed, she was always near me. No matter what room I was in, she showed up to join me and curl up for nap. Just shy of her 15th birthday, she succumbed to inoperable liver cancer only one month after I found out she had it. I’ll always be thankful for the 8 years that she was a part of our family. My heart still hurts from losing her. I’ll never forget my Pepper girl. She was a very special Scottie.