Peggy Sue STLSTR Memorial

June 2016

Peggy Sue, along with 8 other Arkansas Scotties, was rescued in 2013 from deplorable conditions in a breeding shed shared by various breeds of dogs and several hundred exotic birds. Shortly after, Peggy Sue had 9 puppies that she was too weak and too sick to raise on her own since she was heartworm positive. She had several blood transfusions, and was clinging to life. Her puppies were lovingly bottle fed around-the-clock by surrogate human moms. Peggy Sue rallied and settled into foster care to continue to recuperate. Her puppies all survived and were adopted to loving homes. Peggy Sue was adopted by her foster mom, Re.
Life dealt Peggy Sue a losing hand, but she played the cards she was given and came out a winner! She learned about soft beds, kind hands, good food, social events, parties, road trips, and friends – both skin and fur. Peggy Sue was declared Queen of the Door County Scottie Rally in 2014, and she wore her crown with pride. Her sweet disposition and gentle nature won the hearts of all who were privileged to know her.
Like so many mill dogs, Peggy Sue went from a living hell to enjoying the life that all dogs deserve, and she savored every moment. We’re sad that she has left us, but her memory lives on in her 9 puppies and in our hearts.