Maggie STLSTR Memorial


Maggie was our dancing girl. When she was happy, especially at meal time, all four feet seemed to come off the floor as she gyrated in anticipation of what she knew would be the best food she ever ate even though there was so much sameness to it. Conan would have gulped his food down by the time Maggie got hers, and Honey is almost catlike as she sits demurely and  muses as to whether or not she’ll eat what is offered. We loved to watch Maggie do her dance. Whatever our mood, she made us smile. Even when the years slowed her down, and three days before she died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest, she was still doing her dance.
How we will miss our special little puppy mill girl who could still dance after 7 years of producing puppies, losing most of her teeth, and living in terrible conditions. We’ll smile as we picture her in doggie heaven, dancing or pushing a ball around like a professional soccer player. RIP sweet Maggie, thanks for the memories.​