07/2008 – 02/21/2017

For our first experience with fostering Scotties for STLSTR, we welcomed 6 year old Lucy and her 3 year old daughter, Lola, whose owner had entered a nursing home. Lucy was a high energy and self-possessed beautiful dog who totally dominated her sweet daughter, not to mention, our own good- tempered older Scottie. Lola, as she was known then, had been a swimmer puppy, and probably unsellable by the owner/breeder. She had crooked little back legs which didn’t stop her for a minute. We soon saw that neither girl would miss the other if separated, in fact, it would be best.
One day into our foster experience is all it took for Lola to win our hearts, something she did for all 5 1/2 years that we were privileged to share our home with her. We “failed” at fostering and renamed her Lorna. We believe that Lorna used her charm offensive to win over the man of the family first, leaping into his lap and laying her head on his leg, at every opportunity. She used this relentless desire for love to change attitudes and lives. Lorna was a girl on a mission! The grumpy, aloof security guard she encountered on her evening walks was converted by Lorna power.
She particularly loved little children, but watch out for those kisses! Always attuned to the people of the house, Lorna could understand words even when spelled! WALK, TREAT, and POPCORN were guaranteed to elicit barks and happy dancing galore. We are pretty sure she could tell time, and would intently stare until the humans came to their senses and kept to the schedule. A devastating diagnosis of lymphoma did not change her. Three weeks after the diagnosis, she decided her job here was done, and it was time for the Rainbow Bridge, where she is waiting for us. We so miss this little crooked-legged little girl. She was the beating heart of our home.