9/29/2003 – 10/11/2016

Jock came to STLSTR rescue in June 2011. No one knew his owner in Colorado had passed away until a neighbor noticed that Jock wasn’t out in the yard like normal. He ended up in animal control and thanks to the neighbor who always liked him, he was sprung. AC couldn’t do anything with him – he was so ferocious. Enter family — they didn’t want him and were from PA. No local rescue was interested in a fear biter so the family contacted STLSTR.
On the way from Colorado to PA, they transferred Jock in a McD’s parking lot. It became apparent quickly that he would never be adoptable. But in time, Jock’s sweet personality with his hoomans came through and he became our boy. He loved to play ball. He hated to be groomed. He was the best Scottie kisser I have ever known. He gave me one last kiss his last day – – it was weak but as sweet as ever. We will dearly miss our Jockiedoodle.