Jasper STLSTR Memorial

10/19/2005 – 2/2/2019

Jasper was senior boy who was picked up as a stray He attained the status of Permanent Foster, and he wore it proudly. Permanent Fosters are those Scotties whose medical, sometimes behavioral, issues deem them unadoptable. They become cherished family members as if they had been in their foster homes since puppyhood.
Jazzy battled liver disease, as well as a crippling birth defect that rendered his hind legs stiff and his mobility challenged. In spite of it all, he never complained. In the ten months that he lived with us, Jazzy never barked; he never made a sound. He taught us valuable lessons. When you stumble and fall, get right back up and trudge on. Be thankful for what you have – regular meals, treats, love, soft beds, friends – and don’t dwell on your shortcomings.
When Jazzy let us know that it was time, we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. We miss his quiet presence here, but are forever grateful that he let us love him for a little while. There is comfort in knowing that Jazzy is running at the Bridge on healthy legs. Rest in peace, Jazz. The Fredericks of Fosterburg will see you again!