2/15/2003 – 3/9/2017

When Issabelle Ivy came into our two Scottie home as a 9 ½ year old foster, it only took a day to know that we needed her more than she needed us. Izzy had been raised in a loving family, but circumstances made it necessary to re-home her. It was our great privilege to become her new family, and Izzy never missed a beat in the transition. She was royalty. Soon everyone who met her knew that she was “ Queen “ Issabelle, and her daily requirements were baby carrots when the refrigerator door opened and tummy rubs on demand. That beautiful face and her funny operatic singing blessed our days and made us laugh.
Izzy’s only vice was her love of “worm jerky” found on her daily walks. A 2015 diagnosis of TCC did not change our Izzy. She adapted to diapers and meds, all in Izzy style. Curious, confident to the end, Izzy made her goal – her 14th birthday – and shortly after, heaven gained a sweet Scottie angel. We miss her every day and are forever grateful to have known this special girl, Issabelle Ivy.