In rescue, mercifully, the happy tails outnumber the sad ones. That doesn’t make them any less heartbreaking, but we have learned to accept them, always wishing we could have done more. Highway, is one such case. His diabetes was untreated for such a long time that it caused numerous other problems. Glucose levels were off the charts. He was urinating as often as 40 times a day. Highway was being treated for a bladder infection, but an ultrasound revealed an even bigger issue. Severe bladder cancer. The odds were stacked against him, but he remained a good-natured love sponge. Highway was such a sweet boy that his foster mom, Amy, would have failed if there had been any chance for him to have a quality life. Instead, she gave Highway, in his last days, the care he deserved his entire life, but didn’t receive. His highway to heaven was paved with cheeseburgers, roast beef, and turkey, and he’s now running free at the Bridge.