Gena STLSTR Memorial


I was told by my good friend Vicki that she was bringing me an older Scottie with medical issues who needed a comfortable bed to spend her last remaining days, months, or years. I had just lost my sweet Scottie boy Sami to heart disease and I wasn’t sure I was ready to nurse yet another ailing pup. Gena was twelve, diabetic and had very limited eyesight….I was worried. Gena strutted into my life and home….let me tell you she was NOT worried. She found her place for meals, her place on the bed and she was HAPPY for two very short years. She endured her twice daily injections and her adoptive mom’s constant hovering with dignity and grace. I cannot put into words how much I loved and admired this little girl’s zest for life, especially with all of her handicaps. I was not with her when she passed, so it is my very, very fervent prayer that Gena be the very first Scottie to meet me at the bridge…I have something very important to tell her, after I hug and kiss that sweet, sweet face.