Fala STLSTR Memorial


Although senior Fala had been in and out of rescue over his lifetime, I was privileged to spend time with him. At 12, Fala was diagnosed with bladder cancer (TCC) and due to the owner’s life-changing events, he came back to STLSTR. Since I have experience with TCC, and I LOVE seniors, I offered to foster him for the remainder of his time. He quickly became the favorite of everyone that he met, including the vet – who he loved dearly too! We chose treatments that were easily tolerated, and spoiled him with cheeseburgers after every visit. About a month before he went to the Bridge, he had emergency surgery to remove his spleen – bounced right back – and found that it wasn’t cancer (surprisingly). On his final day, he showed discomfort that couldn’t be fully relieved, and he passed easily. He had many excellent days and gave kisses freely and daily. Rest well, we will meet you again. Love you Fala. Amy Cada