5/2007 – 3/7/2017

Emma was picked up by Animal Control after days of wandering along a walking and biking trail without food, water and shelter, apparently abandoned by her owner. After STLSTR learned about her, rescue volunteer Jack Hess picked her up. She was in poor physical condition and understandably fearful. After taking Emma for medical treatment and then foster care, Jack told wife Rita about the sad case. Aware potential adopters might hold back due to Emma’s health issues, Rita was adamant: “We have to take her.” Besides being malnourished, Emma was deaf because of ear infections left untreated and 19 teeth had to be removed for lack of dental care. Sadly, there also was evidence of physical and emotional abuse. Rita nursed her back to good health and gave her reassurance that she was safe from harm. Most of all, she showed her there was love in the world. Emma emerged from her self-protection shell and blossomed into a happy, beautiful girl. In late 2016, Emma’s health began to decline amid signs of dementia. Despite the best efforts of the family Vet and Purdue’s medical experts, her decline couldn’t be reversed. The heart-breaking, but merciful, decision was made to halt her suffering Emma left behind Rita, Jack, Oliver and Zoe to mourn her passing while clinging to memories of happy times during nearly 5 years she was with them.