10/18/2008 – 9/25/2018

We met Dylan in February 2017 at the local chain pet-food store. Gracie ignored him completely. He was busy smelling everything, but everyone remained calm and cool. A good omen. Later when Mike was ready to let go, he brought Dylan over, and released the leash. Gracie barked and sniffed. Snorfed (sneezed) at him then we all went outside. The omen was correct. Dylan and Gracie played and ran and went crazy. We came inside and the zoomies started. They had a party as Mike prepared himself – I felt so badly for him. After he left, Dylan looked for him, but Gracie kept saying “Let’s play!!! Chase me! Yer never gonna catch me!! Nah nah nee poo poo” They ignored me all night, had nummy dindins and continued their antics. At bedtime, Dylly Doodles went right up the ramp to my bed, just like he’d done it for years. After a few days the familiarity wore them down. They settled in and would rest on the couch together – only touching for moments – just like brother and sister.

We had a year and 7 months with Dylly-Doo. He was a fun little man. Loved to lie on his back on my lap and have his belly rubbed, He gave lots of kisses to me and lots of fun to Gracie. She looks for him in the garage..:I saw him go in there, but he didn’t come back out, He must be hiding!”