My Cubbie from Heaven

One day Vicki contacted me. She said she had a Scottie, and was I available to foster? I said yes. I bless the day Vicki brought her to me. There at my door stood the sweetest little girl I have ever known. She looked up at me with her soft little eyes, and put her paws on my knees. I was in love with her before we got into the house. She was a shy baby, and would crawl on her belly to come to me. Over time she came to know that love was always there for her. Everything about her was cute – her little bark (which was rare), the way she danced for a treat with her two front feet, the way she waited for us in the car with her little face framed in the small window that was just the right size for her.
A couple of summers ago I had an operation on my knee. Cubbie parked herself beside me every day, all day long, just because she wanted to. Her love was wonderful medicine for me.
She filled my heart with her sweet presence.
I have come to realize that she was on loan to me from the Lord who, by giving her to me, gave me a glimpse of Heaven.