6/2006 – 2/10/2018

“She is so affectionate and full of puppy kisses. I can’t imagine life without her.” Those were the words I used to describe Cami on the STL Scottie Rescue calendar picture. I cut that picture out of the calendar and she was my “calendar girl” every month after that. Cami-whammy (my nickname for her) or Camibobami (foster nickname) was energetic and lively. She would get so excited when we were getting ready for her daily walks that she could hardly stop long enough to put her harness on. She was a quick hunter and could snatch a mole out of the ground quickly. When she first came into our home I didn’t think she was going to work out. She had some potty issues and was people possessive, growling at her sister if she got near. I was ready to give up after the first week and I’m so glad I didn’t because she became my heart. She overcame all her issues and we were soon in love with her. She taught me that kisses can fix almost anything. Wherever “Daddy” was Cami would always be near. I loved sitting on my recliner watching TV with her snuggled next to me and her head on my leg. A couple of days ago I loaded the dish washer and cried because my little Cami didn’t come to pre-wash the dishes (which was one of her jobs). While my heart is breaking that she crossed the rainbow bridge due to lymphoma, she will always be in my heart. To quote William Shakespeare, “It’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.” I miss my little baby girl.