Beamer STLSTR Memorial

2008 – 9/16/2018
In November, 2011, Beamer found his way into our home at a time when we needed him most. We had lost our Scottie boy, Duffy, to cancer and our Scottie girl, Pepper, was in a depression refusing to leave her bed or eat.
Beamer had been wandering the streets of Arkansas, was picked up by Animal Control, and eventually he made his way to STLSTR via Pilots for Paws. I requested to foster a Scottie from STLSTR and he was the healer of Pepper’s depression. They bonded immediately and four days later, he became a member of our family.
Beamer was a companion, entertainer, “arooo”er, and loved his toys. His special toy was a stuffed Scottie, named Hamish McBeth. He had a ritual each evening of carrying him back and forth from the bedroom, through the family room, dining room, and back to bedroom before settling with his chin on Hamish in the family room. Occasionally, he would hide him. At bedtime, he wanted to take him to bed but instead of getting Hamish, sometimes he just sat down, looking at me, waiting for me to go find him. He knew where he was but wanted me to get him. 
A game that Beamer developed was to carry Hamish up on my bed, ease him toward the edge a little at a time, nose him off and then look to me to pick up Hamish for him. This would happen two or three times and then he would settle down to sleep.
No matter where I was in the house, Beamer was close by. Since he was a talker, he frequently came to me saying, “Arooo” and we had a dialog between the two of us. He loved his human sister, Vicki Frazier, and always greeted her at the door with “Arooo”.
The first time I saw him, when he looked up at me with those “beam”ing eyes, I knew his name had to be “Beamer”. The loss of my sweet boy with his funny antics and his ever- present companionship has left a Huge Hole that I hope can eventually be filled with the same joy he gave me