8/1/2006 – 3/4/2017

Appearances don’t make the dog. Underneath Barney’s rough exterior, he had a heart of gold. Sadly for him, he spent most of his life with an owner who could not afford proper care and so things that needed to be dealt with were neglected. He came to our house in May 2015 and while we dealt with skin issues and itchies, it became more apparent that he would be a permanent foster in the rescue organization. Barney always wanted to play ball but, most of all, he wanted to be “my boy”. Only the vets saw his “bad” side and the vet tech used to ask him when he arrived if he was “wearing his crabby pants”. His kidney disease escalated last fall and today it became apparent that we could no longer treat it. This house won’t be the same without our gentle giant – – we will miss you Barney.