11/15/2004 – 4/2018
Angel, a little rescue Westie girl, was a true terrier. She possessed those deep, pleading chocolate brown eyes, behind which she whittled together her latest plan to dig under the fence and finally ensnare the evil black squirrel who so blatantly tested her authority.  
There was no end to the amount of trouble in which she’d gleefully partake, knowing the power her adorable expression possessed to melt away any possible discipline awaiting her latest misbehavior. 
And she was right. It was impossible to hold her antics against her, for your admiration of that gleeful character held instant forgiveness. She was brave and trusting, loving and sincere. 
We never knew her life story to the point of her rescue, it didn’t matter. It was the here-and-now in which she paved her happy life, capturing admirers as she passed along the way.
I love my Angel and I do so miss her. Her challenges proved only to make your admiration of that noble will all the more deeply held. It is far more quiet and less “busy” today, and though her spot will eventually be physically acquired, Angel will always claim her own personal corner in my heart – one from which she will never escape!